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You deserve the best possible health, and Yoga Therapy can help restore your wellbeing with techniques designed just for you and your individual needs. One-to-one or perhaps with your partner or family, sessions can be in and around the Cardiff area (local rules permitting) or over live online video. Gallaf gynnig sesiynau yn Gymraeg neu Saesneg.

Using classical Indian yoga therapy learned from medical doctor Dr Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani, a typical session is tailored for you and might include:

- Adapted yogic movements and postures (Asanas), which can even be carried out sitting in a chair

- Yogic breathing techniques (Pranayama)

- Meditation (Dhyana)

- Healing sound yoga (Nada Yoga)

How can Yoga Therapy help me?

There are lots of ways Yoga Therapy might help you. Here are just a few:

- To alleviate back pain

- Help you cope with stress and anxiety

Improve energy levels and diet

- Help you make other healthy lifestyle changes

- Support for reproductive health, pre-conception, pregnancy, postnatal recovery and the menopause

- Build mobility and strength

- Bring better sleep

- Help you learn Yoga techniques in a private environment, perhaps giving you more confidence to attend a group class afterwards

Yoga Therapy can be in Anjali's own studio or at your home by arrangement

What can I expect?

Lasting about an hour, we'll create a holistic Yoga practice together, based on your individual needs and preferences. 

You'll learn techniques you can use at home and between sessions, and decide how often you'd like to return for more individual Yoga Therapy. You might find one session would be enough to give you confidence to attend a general Yoga class with could either be with me, or with another teacher I could recommend.

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More about Yoga Therapy

The Sanskrit term for Yoga Therapy is Yoga Chikitsa, an ancient process founded on the yogic theory that within the body, we have a network of energy pathways called nadis. The energy which flows through these channels is the Yogic energy called prana, the life-force.

When this becomes blocked, that's when we're thrown off balance, less at ease, potentially leading to dis-ease.

Yoga helps cleanse blockages to these pathways, whether the blockages are physical or mental, helping us develop habits more conducive to our wellbeing like better diet and giving ourselves greater compassion and perspective.


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